The Studio School An Arts-Integration Magnet School

The Studio School Staff

Sharla Kaczar, Principal
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Lenise Veno, Secretary

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Paul T. Bath, Head Custodian

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Wanda Geisbush, Office Manager

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Diann Hilliard, Health Aide

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Ashley Von Hatten, Teacher,

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I am originally from St. Louis, MO. My undergraduate degree is from Washington University. While in St. Louis I also taught for two years as an art studio and reading support teacher. I moved to Colorado several years ago to complete my M.A. in Educational Psychology from CU Denver. I have also worked and studied at the Boulder Journey School, a Reggio-Emilia inspired school in Boulder, CO.

Natalie Von Feldt, Teacher,
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M.A. Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, Lesley University (Fall 2012 Completion)

I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Liberal Studies, emphasis in elementary education with a concentration in mathematics. I play piano and have taught for several years. Dancing is another passion of mine. I have instructed tap and jazz classes for the past six years. "Dancing is the poetry of the foot."


Marion Ingersoll, Teacher,
First Grade
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Allie Barnett, Teacher,
First Grade
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Michelle Capobianco, Teacher,
Second Grade
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Katherine Martin, Teacher,
Second Grade
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M.A. University of Denver, Curriculum and Instruction; Education Leadership, 2009. B.A. Dance Education, Colorado State University. For many years I have taught dance, and developed dance curriculum, choreography workshops, and dance theater programs. With a lifetime of involvement in the arts, and now as a classroom teacher, it is a great privilege to be here at The Studio School where I can be passionate about academics and arts in one place. I am excited daily as I see students grasp onto learning with the unique framework this school provides.

Kira Johnson, Morning Teacher,
Third Grade

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Stuart Sanks, Teacher,
Third Grade

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Margaret Tetley, Teacher,
Fourth Grade
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Rachelle Kastle, Teacher,
Fourth Grade

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Jodi Connelly, Teacher,
Fifth Grade
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Henry Hedberg, Teacher,
Fifth Grade
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Lisa Fletcher, Teacher,
Art Studio
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M.A. Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, Lesley University B.A. Fine Arts and teacher licensure, University of Northern Colorado

I have loved making art for as long as I can remember.  Making art gave me a chance to explore and make connection with the world as a child, and then became a vehicle for expression as I grew. It’s my hope that I can offer these same experiences to the children that I teach.


Christina Slater, Teacher,
Ceramics Studio
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M.A. Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, Lesley University (Fall 2012 Completion)
B.A. English Literature and Teacher Certification, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Before moving to Colorado several years ago, I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. There, I grew up on my family's farm. I have been working with clay for ten years and, as a ceramic artist, I know firsthand the profound learning opportunities the arts provide. Cultivating and encouraging students' academic lives while simultaneously finding their individual passions and creativity allows excellence to abound.


Jonathan Davis, Teacher,
Performing Arts Studio
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Jim Irwin, Teacher,

Music Studio
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Dave Weinand, Teacher,
Strings Studio
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Pat Adelman, Para-professional






Norine Straub, Para-professional







Kathy Williams, Teacher Librarian
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Emily Farls, School Psychologist

Debra Bolger, Learning Support
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Mrs. Kreiman, ELL
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Support Staff

Megan Riesgaard, Speech
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Karen Otto, Occupational Therapist


Brenda Roybal, Media Clerk


Custodial Staff


Phil Ornelas, Custodian


Rich Lyons, Custodian


BASE Staff


Christine Hughes, BASE Site Director


Kelle Wilkison, BASE Recreation Leader


Beca Fisher, BASE Recreation Leader/Student Monitor


Chris Williams, BASE Recreation Leader/Student Monitor


Laura Burton, BASE Recreation Aide


Chris Moquin, Recreation Aide


Kitchen Staff


Diane Waken, Kitchen Manager


Geri Veltkamp, Assistant Kitchen Manager


Diane Waken, Senior Cook